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FAQ Becoming a Member

Frequently asked questions on becoming a member of the Pen-Mar REALTORS®

1. What are the Requirements for Membership?

All member companies are responsible to have all new licensees and appraisal certificate holders with their firm complete and submit a membership application along with the applicable dues/fees within 15 days of affiliation. The applicable dues/fees that need to be submitted with the application are:

  • $250 application fee
  • Pro-rated Association dues

If a real estate licensee or appraisal certificate holder associated with a member company does not wish to become a REALTOR®, the Designated REALTOR® will be responsible for paying an assessment fee for the real estate licensee or appraisal certificate holder in the amount of PMR local dues, State Dues and NAR Dues with the exception of the Public Image Fee.

Within 60 days a new REALTOR® member applicant must do the following to fulfill PMR membership requirements:

  • Have completed the new member application form and paid all applicable dues & fees
  • Attend New Member Orientation
  • Complete NAR Code of Ethics Course Online - New Member

2. How much time do I have to complete new member orientation? 

New member orientation are typically held every month from 8:30 - 11:00 AM. You have 60 days to complete  new member orientation. Please call Pen-Mar at the office 301-797-4480 for the orientation schedule. 

If a new applicant fails to complete new member orientation within the 60 day requirement,suspension and a reinstatement fee of $125 will be assessed.

3. When do I receive my NRDS Number?

A National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS) number will be issued upon fulfillment of all membership requirements.  A letter will be sent once application and dues are paid.

4. I'm a Certified Appraiser, what kind of membership do I apply for?

A certified appraiser would apply for Affiliate membership and follow all of the membership requirements.

5. What is the difference between a REALTOR® and a Designated REALTOR®?

REALTOR® members hold an associate broker, salesperson's real estate license or appraisal certificate.  Designated REALTORS® hold a broker's license and are often the person listed as the broker of record with the State Real Estate Commission. In an appraisal office, the "DR" is the certificate holder in charge or responsible for that appraisal office.

6. What is the process if I was a former REALTOR® member within the past year?

Any licensee returning after less than one year will be charged a $125 reinstatement fee and any related dues owed. If more than a year the licensee shall pay as if a new member.

7. What is the Membership process if I am a REALTOR® member in another association of REALTORS®?

In order for you to become a primary member of PMR your Designated REALTOR® needs to be a primary or secondary member of PMR. A letter of good standing is also required from your current Association.

8. What are PAR, MR and NAR?

"PAR" is the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®. Their website is

"MR" is the Maryland REALTORS® . Thier website is

"NAR" is the National Association of REALTORS®. Their websites are and As a REALTOR® member of PMR, you are also a member of your state and NAR.

9. How do I become a secondary member?

To become a secondary member of PMR you will need a letter of Good Standing from your Primary board.

An application fee of $125.00 and then the prorated amount for local dues.

10. If my Broker is a member, do I have to join?

First, you would need to check with your broker and/or office manager to see if your office/franchise policy requires it. Some offices and franchises require that licensees affiliated with them join as REALTOR® members. If you do not join as a REALTOR® member, you would be considered a non-member salesperson.

As a non-member salesperson, the Designated REALTOR® will be responsible for paying an assessment fee for the real estate licensee and appraisal certificate holder in the amount of PMR local dues, State Dues and NAR Dues with the exception of the Consumer Advertising Campaign.

11. What is a non-member salesperson?

The Broker or Designated REALTOR® is responsible to pay an assessment equal to dues. Non-members would not fill out a membership application nor attend the New Member Orientation course. They would not be allowed to use the term "REALTOR®" or use the "R" logo on any of their correspondence, signs, business cards, etc.

12. When are annual membership dues payable?

Membership dues are emailed to all members in September and are payable by the last day of December

If they are not paid in full by the first business day in January, you will be charged a $100 late fee. If dues are not paid by February 1st. your membership will be terminated. If terminated the member automatically becomes a non-member salesperson as described above. Payment by the Designated REALTOR® of associated salesperson fees are required and unappealable.

13. What are the dues amount for 2022?

Please click on our 2022 Dues Schedule for contact the Association for this information.

14. How do I become an Affiliate member of Pen-Mar?

Please complete our Affiliate Application and contact the Association.

15. What MLS system does Pen-Mar use?

16. Can secretaries for an office or unlicensed assistants access the MLS?


17. Is there a replacement fee for CE certificates?

Yes, there is a $10.00 fee for replacement CE certificates.

18. What are the Association Bylaws?

You may download a copy of the bylaws here.

19.  Where can I get a copy of the Strategic Plan?

You may download a copy of the plan here.

20.  What are the Association Policy and Procedures?

You may download a copy here.

21.  Pen-Mar Hours of Operation and Holidays. 


The Association office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. The Association office is closed on the following holidays, or the date of their observance if they fall on a weekend:

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Presidents’ Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day


Snow closure will follow Washington County School District.