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Committee Description and Members

   Budget and Finance Committee

   Chairperson, Kristyn Martin   -

      The primary responsibility of the Budget and Finance Committee is to review Pen-Mar’s finances, investments, and association budgets for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

      Term Length: 24 Months

Craig Harshman –

Heather Weeks -

Molly King -

Kim Lewis –

       Sherry Scire -

       Shelby Diehl -

        Matt Kellam -

      Education Committee

      Chairperson, Jocelyn Melton -

       The primary responsibility of the Education Committee is to assist in planning Pen-Mar’s educational offerings, courses, and trainings. This includes Continuing Education (CE), REALTOR® certifications and designations, and other learning opportunities for Pen-Mar members. 

        Term Length: 12 Months

Toby Wantz –

Julie Fritsch -

Kim Mozick -

Eddie Currey -

Jim Cramer -

Robin Thomas -

Mellisa Wagaman -

Simone Carroll -

Legislative Committee

Chairperson, Michael Stanford -

        The primary responsibility of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Legislative Committees is to monitor, review, interview, and recommend political candidate endorsements, public policy positions, and legislative actions to Pen-Mar’s Board of    Directors.

       Term Length: 12 Months

Michael Draper –

Lee Downey –

Chrisina Ocharzak –

Molly King –

Dennis Stouffer –

Kim Lewis –

Nancy Allen -

      Membership Committee

      Chairperson, Sharon Cooper -

      The primary responsibility of the Membership Committee is to oversee, plan, and coordinate membership events, including the Annual Membership Meeting. 

      Term Length: 12 Months

Jeff Matthews -

Molly King -

Simone Carroll  -

Matt Kellam -

         Jim Gullace -

         Mellisa Wagaman -


       RPAC Committee

       Chairperson, Darwyn Benedict -

       The primary responsibility of the RPAC Fundraising Committee is to assist in fundraising activities, events, and initiatives to association members, to encourage investments into the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

       Term Length: 12 Months

Molly King –

       Community Service Committee

       Chairperson, Gabe

       The primary responsibility of the Community Service Committee is to identify and organize opportunities for Pen-Mar members to volunteer in the local community. This committee also oversees Pen-Mar’s “sunshine” efforts to assist  fellow association members in need. 

         Term Length: 12 Months

          Heather Weeks-

Michelle Trumpower –

       Young Professionals Network

      Chairperson, Megan Dunn - 

       The primary responsibility of the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee is to provide networking and professional development opportunities to Pen-Mar members. 

       Term Length: 12 Months

Kristyn Martin -

       Professional Standards & Grievance Panelist

      The primary responsibility of the Professional Standards Panel is to participate in ethics, grievance, and professional standards hearings. Pen-Mar participates in a “Statewide Professional Standards Cooperative” with the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®, who manage and enforce complaints made against association members in Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

       Term Length: 24 Months

          Thomas Mitros -

Connie Manger -

Karen Horejs -

Jeff Matthews -

Andy Lapkoff -

Tim Smith -

Dorothy Kendall -

Kris Shulenberger -

Patti Davis -

Teresa Rodriquez -