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Committee Description and Members

Budget and Finance Committee

Chairperson, Bill McHugh –

  • Prepares an annual operating budget for the Board’s approval
  • Monitors actual expenses and income against the approved budgeted amounts
  • Recommend strategic financial planning and investments for the Board
  • Assesses association long range building needs and recommends any needed property improvements

Craig Harshman –
Heather Weeks –
Shelley Layton –
Molly King –

Education Committee

Chairperson, Julie Fritsch –

  • Organizes CE classes for the membership
  • Recommends and organizes NAR designation courses
  • Plans Forums and/or Round Table Discussions
  • Organizes and budgets monthly educational and networking opportunities for newer agents
  • Assesses the membership’s technology needs and makes recommendations to the Education Committee
  • Provides Board and Staff with emerging technology trends for association management and membership advancement
  • Implements programs promoting cultural awareness
  • Organizes the “REACH” program

Toby Wantz –
Sheila Mangum –
Cathy Ocharzak –
Mike Boyd –
Mike West –
Kim Mozick –
Karon Moore Hammett –

Legislative Committee

Chairperson, Nancy Allen –

  • Analyzes legislation effecting real estate and REALTORS®
  • Makes recommendations to Board of Directors for support and/or endorsement of candidates, legislation and/or ordinances that potentially affect private property rights, members and/or economic welfare of economic market
  • Communicates Association position to elected officials as directed by the Board of Directors and maintain favorable relationships with same
  • Offers Voter registration to members and/or public
  • Oversees Fund Raisers for REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

Michael Draper –
Lee Downey –
Brittany Baker –
Darwyn Benedict –
Christina Ocharzak –
Adrian Simpson –
Molly King –
Michael Stanford –
Dennis Stouffer –
Barbra Dixon –
Kim Lewis –

Membership Committee

Chairperson, Jeffrey Matthews –

  • Supervises the orientation program of new members
  • Actively works to recruit new members
  • Develops and recommends policies advocating equal opportunity in housing and real estate
  • Coordinates Awards Program, collects nominations and selects recipients for the awards
  • Plans Membership Meetings
  • Organizes Special Events as needed for the benefit of the membership
  • Coordinates Annual Trade Show

Jim Gullace –
Christina Ocharzak –
Sharon Cooper –
Bill McHugh –
Frannie Parks –
Dawn Crilley-Shank –
David Moore –
Paul Koch –
Alex Crilley –
Donna Knapp –

RPAC Committee

Chairperson, Kristyn Martin –

  • Organizes fundraising activities
  • Vets candidates for local offices, so we are supporting officials who are sensitive to REALTOR issues

Molly King –
Richard Leonard -


Public Relations Committee

Chairperson, Gabe Fortmann –

  • Promotes and improves the public image of REALTORS®
  • Publicizes Association involvement and charitable activities in the community
  • Plans and coordinates community service projects
  • Plans and coordinates annual charity benefit
  • Assists in creating Press Releases on actions and/or activities involving members, real estate and/or REALTOR® Association

Heather Weeks –
Michelle Trumpower –
Paul Koch –
Larry Yoder –
Tin Ly –
James Mosby –
Karen Starr –
Kim Mills –
Sheryl Greenwald –

Young Professionals Network

Co-Chairperson, Kristyn Martin –

Co-Chairperson, Christina Ocharzak

  • Organizes networking activities
  • Encourages involvement in the Association and Community under the guidelines of the National Association of REALTORS® chapter

Kari Shank –
Paul Koch –
Shelby Diehl –
Erica Lewis –
Vicki Costlow –
Cari Edgin –